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Mr. Bariz Cristian, Attorney-at-Law, has been admitted already 2005 as a member of the National Association of the Romanian Bars (UNBR) and he has been ever since a successful law practitioner, currently as a member of the Timiș Bar Association. The goal of our law firm has been consisting ever since 2005 in the satisfaction of all our clients, who appreciate our work mainly for the target-aimed, professional and efficient legal advices at the highest stage.
            The highly professional qualities as well as the reliability, consistency and flexibility of our work are reflected in a considerable number of successfully performed mandates of consultancy and representation services and also and in many various recommendations of our clients.
            The law firm Bariz Cristian stands for:

  • highly professional qualities
  • professionalism, consistency and reliability
  • many years of a rich experience in legal expertise, with special expertise in criminal law, general civil law, family law, weapons legislation, inheritance law etc., Mr. Bariz being recognized as a leading barrister on this area of expertise

Please note:
Due to the valid legal regulations in Romania (Art. 249¹ of the Law of the Legal Profession), it is unfortunately not permitted to name on our website any clients or any particularly successful mandates. Make an appointment – we would be glad to offer you references.

            In the exercise of his activity, our law firm acts based on the strong foundation of the “lawyer independence”, being free to put the client's interest first, free from any interference. The lawyer is subject exclusively to the law, to the legislation referring to the legal and to the duty of confidentiality. The principle underlying the lawyer-client relationship is that lawyer- client communications are privileged (confidential).
The goals of the clients can only be achieved with professionalism, consistency, creativity and reliability. Mutual trust and respect are the foundation of a successful representation of the interests of our clients by the law firm of Mr. Bariz, attorney-at-law. Your lawyer will assist you as a consultant and representative before the various authorities and/or courts and he will provide you with legal support in all areas related to the implementation of legal requirements.
You can always trust your lawyer also because he complies in every situation with the duty of confidentiality.